Wabisabi – Think About Me (2021)

Hi guys! I like when music is coming back to me after some time. I mean, when I am posting more than one track of the artist here. It’s kinda evidence of the fact that musicians believe in their do and making music no matter what. Today here is the fresh track “Think About Me” by Wabisabi — chillout / downtempo music artist from Tokyo, Japan. Let’s check it 😉

Usually, I am not really into the music of this style. But, as I always say, there are always may be exceptions to the rules. Today is one of those cases. Maybe for some of you, this track will be monotone or not interesting at all…which is absolutely okay in general, because music is something pretty subjective. But I will not agree with that. Yes, the track is not full of arrangement tricks, or trending synth sounds. But it has a way much more important thing, it has the soul!

Slow beat and melody will slowly fill your brain and you will start to feel what I mean. Personally, I listen to it on repeat for an hour so far, and it totally fits my current vibe. Even if you at work, you can spend a few minutes of time to give some good mood to yourself. Enjoy <3

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