Kyler Slater – Lost My Mind (2021)

Hello! My god, the time is going incredibly fast! A year ago I posted here one nice song called “Perfect Form” by Kyler Slater – indie electronic / alternative music artist from Los Angeles, United States. Seems like it was yesterday…but no, a goddamn year ago, just can’t believe it 🙂 Anyway, today here is a fresh song by Kyler, entitled “Lost My Mind”. Let’s check it!

You can check the previous song (following the link below) first and then get back to this one to compare them side by side. But that’s kinda useless thing…because both songs are just amazing in my opinion. They have their original style and mood. Yes, they’re pretty “pop”, but this kind of “pop” music is the real one, not plastic autotuned shit (which is almost every modern pop song at the moment). Definitely, this is high-quality music with a thoughtful arrangement, beautiful voice, and catchy melody.

Special thanks for the guitar solo in this track. It sounds awesome! A little bit dirty, but perfectly fit the song’s mood. I hope you catch the vibe of this track and it will become one more song for your daily playlist for a long time. Peace <3

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