GraveSpitter – Learning Ignorance (2021)

Hello, guys! Do you want some energy? Here you go! 🙂 Today here is pretty short, but incredibly powerful hardcore / sludge track “Learning Ignorance” by GraveSpitter. band from Philadelphia, US.

First of all, I’d like to say that this song sounds like a soundtrack to kill somebody (for sure, only in a good way). I mean, songs like this one make you feel stronger even when your hands were already down. As you all probably know, I am a big fan of metal music. Since I growth during the ’00s, my musical taste was formed mostly by old-school death metal stuff, and the nu-metal scene. Honestly, I hear some shades of that nu-metal music in this track (especially it reminds me of the vibe of the Dry Kill Logic from the album “The Darker Side of Nonsense”). I hope this comparison is not offensive to the band in any way.

Maybe I’d like to hear some more technically sophisticated parts, but it’s only my subjective wanting. In general, this track is a perfect fit for my current needs, and I do not regret even a second about posting this track here. Enjoy!