BARK – Malady (2021)

Good morning! A bit more than a year ago I went to the live show of one pretty interesting trip-hop / alternative band from New York, called BARK. Still have their sticker on the wall in my room 🙂 That was a very nice evening with wonderful music and atmosphere. I have exceptionally warm memories about that time.

Btw, a year before that gig I’ve posted their track “Medicate (feat. Marcus Potts & Melinda Camille)” on my blog. Kinda prophecy post 🙂 You can check it following the link below. Anyway, today I am here to share a fresh track by BARK entitled “Malady”. Let’s check it!

The style is still the same — dark and a bit anxious (which is great for alternative / trip-hop music as for me). Here is the formula: an amazing vocal manner with a deep and wide vibrato + slightly distorted guitars + atmospheric synths + light echoes of acid jazz music = BARK. In general, this kind of music almost perfectly fits my inner vibe. I love that mix of live instruments with electronic music elements.

If somebody will ask me to name a few bands in the trip-hop genre, then BARK will appear in my head on the first line next to Sofa Surfers, Massive Attack, and Portishead for sure. Amazing stuff! Enjoy <3

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BARK – Medicate (feat. Marcus Potts & Melinda Camille)