Tanner Carlton – As Long As I’m With You (2021)

Hey guys! Since I am writing this post a week earlier than the actual post date (to clear some time at the beginning of 2021), I don’t know how everything going…so, I can only hope that everything is fine <3

Let’s move to the music. Today I am here to share with you the song “As Long As I’m With You” by Tanner Carlton — indie rock music artist from Virginia, USA.

The song sounds incredibly familiar to me. And it’s not because I’ve heard something like that before for real. It’s definitely because of the melody and vocal manner. They just warming me. I don’t know why, but it feels like the singer knows something about me…something that I don’t even know.

Everything sounds amazing to me! That’s why I love what I do here. I am opening new music for you all and myself, and the music is able to heal your soul, which is incredibly good. Okay, I will leave you with this song one on one now. Peace <3