Ronald Ekore – Dream Catcher (2021)

Hey guys. Sometimes I just need something to relax. You know, when you don’t give a fuck about everything around you… It’s just one of those days when you don’t want to wake up when I just need some incredibly calm music. And I found it here.

Here is Ronald Ekore – dream pop / indie music artist from Dubai, United Arab Emirates, and the song entitled “Dream Catcher”. Well, in short — this is a good song. Really, it’s just doesn’t need to be described in any way.

I am usually trying to describe some detail of the music and find some metaphoric things inside of every song. But today I don’t want to. Not because something is wrong with the song. Just because the song is too good to waste time on any descriptions. Also, today I am incredibly passive…I just want to close my eyes and listen to this music on repeat. Sure, I can say something like: “Very nice guitar with reverse delay, nice vocal, etc…”. All those obvious things are not important anyway. The only important thing at this moment is feelings inside of my body. Enjoy. Peace <3