Paul Livingstone – Beatitude (feat. Pankaj Mishra) (2020)

Hello! I am back with fresh music for you! Let’s check this out 🙂 Here is Paul Livingstone — an ethnic / world music artist from Los Angeles, US, with his collaborative track “Beatitude” feat. Pankaj Mishra.

Usually, I am not really into Indian traditional music…but this time it probably just comes at the right time and place. We can consider it as ambient music but I’d like to say that this is instrumental ethnic music. Maybe I am a bit conservative, but ambient music for me is something without a certain melody and rhythm… Well, not always, but mostly.

This composition is kinda fairy tale. All those ethnic vibes getting the listener into the world of music. I am pretty sure that if you close your eyes right now and turn on your imagination, then you will see what am I talking about.

For sure, the musicians are masters here. They can convert emotions into sounds which touching my heart. Even though the track is pretty long, I am listening to it 5th time so far. If you’re looking for some rest, then you’re in the right place. Fewer words, more music. Enjoy <3