Gin Cooley – Death Before Dishonor (2021)

Hey guys! I am usually not into this kind of music…but this song hooked my heart from the very first sounds. Let’s check together what I mean… Today here is Gin Cooley — indie / ethnic music artist from
Nashville, US, and her fresh song entitled “Death Before Dishonor”.

I will say some obvious things here, excuse me for that 😉 First of all, the voice. My god, it’s amazing! The vocal part is not that sophisticated, but it’s perfectly laying in the mix of ethnic arrangement. And about the arrangement itself — incredibly detailed and crisp sounding music. Pulsations of the rhythm make my head moving, even though it’s pretty slow and measuredly.

I don’t know why, but music like this always makes me feel like I am in some kind of fairy tale. Forests with strange creatures, wizards, and spirits. Pretty nice feeling to be honest 🙂 Enjoy this little musical trip!