Bertie Newman – Lost (2021)

Good morning. As you all know, my musical preferences are pretty wide. From ambient music to death metal and beyond it. Today I can headbang to technical brutal death metal, tomorrow — thoughtfully count clouds behind my window with sad folk music in the background. Today is one of the days with folk music. So, relax your ears, and open your mind to the musical river…

Please love and respect — Bertie Newman (folk / acoustic music artist from London, UK), and his fresh song “Lost”. I mentioned the river above for a reason. This song reminds me of a small river, which starts somewhere high in the mountains, slowly run down almost as a creek. But the lower it goes the wider and powerful it becomes until finally its water mixing with the water of the deep blue sea. That’s my clumsy metaphor for the song’s progress 🙂

Yes, there’s nothing extraordinary in this song. It’s just a vocal, guitar, strings, and a bit of rhythm section at the very end of the track. But on the other hand, sometimes simple things are genius. Yes, I mean that this song is genius. There is nothing superfluous. Everything just perfectly works together and touching my heart. I think this is the main mission of the music — to touch hearts and heal souls. Enjoy <3