Belle Ford – Cat Call (2021)

Hi there! How things going? 🙂 Well, on my side (at least from the musical perspective) everything is great! That’s because I found one more diamond in the endless ocean of the world’s modern musical scene! Okay…maybe that was not me, I am here just to share it with you, guys. Let’s check it right away!

Here is Belle Ford — electronic / hip-hop music artist from London, UK, and her fresh track called “Cat Call”. My heart was trapt literally after the very first listening of this song. It sounds a bit underground, which is great in my opinion. To be honest, I prefer underground but fair stuff in front of polished, but sly “pop” shit. This certain track sounds “true” to me.

Musically it’s kinda strange mix of cloud rap, electronic, and indie-pop music. I am in love with that dark atmosphere and gentle voice, which is almost whispering. You can recognize some influence of Lana Del Rey and Billie Eilish in a vocal manner. But that’s not an imitation of already known artists, it’s just a shade of good taste (like in the good wine or whiskey)…you know, that aftertaste.

Don’t know what more can I say. Traditionally, I am happy to be one of the first people able to share this song with the world. Enjoy the music. Peace <3