Acetylene (Aust) – In The Face Of It (2021)

Hey guys! The second day of 2021 brought you a bit more good music. Here is Acetylene (Aust) — indie / alternative rock band from Melbourne, Australia, and their fresh song “In The Face Of It”. Let’s check it out together 😉

The first thing that appears in my head when I am listening to this song is the alternative rock scene of 90’s. Cranberries, Portishead, Pixies, etc… You can clearly hear the influence of those artists here. The track is a bit depressive and monochrome if you like (which I love to be honest). Even the guitar solo sounds more like the voice of a lonely monk’s mantra somewhere high in the mountains.

The slightly dirty and raw sound makes me feel like I am alone in this cruel world. I don’t know why, but I am a big fan of music with monotone melody and built on two chords. It just resonates with my inner vibe perfectly. On the other hand, it’s kinda “thin ice” place, where you can make only one little wrong step and get under the cold water. I mean that you need to have that 6th feeling…to not to bring the song into the boring shit. This song is a great example of how to be successful on this path, and these guys definitely have that feeling. Enjoy your day and this wonderful song. Peace <3