Yellow Dudes – I Still Feel… (2020)

Hello, my friends, listeners, and readers 🙂 As I can see, this difficult year is going to ending up with calm music. Probably, the universe willing to fix something at least on this level. Let’s dive right into the music! Today here is Yellow Dudes —indie / dream pop music band from Tepic, Mexico, and their song “I Still Feel…” off the latest release entitled “Ordinary Films EP”, released December 18, 2020.

The blurry sound of this track takes your thoughts right from the very first second of the song, and will not let them go until the very end. Monotone vocal manner makes that hypnotic effect even much feelable. There’s nothing too sophisticated in the melody, harmony, or the arrangement in general. Each instrument just playing its part…no more but no less. And they creating this lush and dreamy sound together.

In my opinion, that’s not a bit deal to write an extremely difficult composition, with strange harmony, fast guitar solos, odd time signatures etc…which people will turn off after a second of listening. But the much bigger problem is to write something simple, which will grab the attention of the listener and provoke them to listen to it time and time again. These guys nailed it perfectly. Enjoy <3