Vilde – Phantom Mantra (2020)

Hey guys! It’s me again 🙂 Life is like a wave. Sometimes it brings you up, sometimes pulling down. But there is one thing which will always back you up — music. That’s the reason why I am here, to give you some musical support. Let’s move ahead!

For the second time here is Vilde — indie music artist from Melbourne, Australia. This time with the fresh song “Phantom Mantra”. This song, as a previous one is incredibly soft and calm. I am just drowning in its waves. Really, this is just an ocean of calmness. This track is playing on repeat at the moment and I don’t even think to turn it off. The voice is a bit reminds me of Thom Yorke at some moments. Beautiful music!

Btw, if you like this song, you can check out his previous song following THIS LINK. Have a wonderful day and enjoy the music <3