Veinmelter – Half Awake (2020)

Hi guys! As usual, I am here with fresh music for you. This time here is Veinmelter (Winston Harrison) — indie / electronic music artist from Nashville, United States, and his fresh track entitled “Half Awake”. Let’s check it!

The song makes me feel empty for some reason. I mean, when I am listening to it, some incredibly big space appears in my head. Probably, it’s because of the space inside of the mix itself, and the harmony/melody as well. The wonderful vocal manner and atmospheric, minimalistic arrangement supporting each other in the best possible way. Everything sounds perfectly balanced.

I think this song was created to bring that feeling of space to the listener. And I’d like to say — mission complete (I am already in that space 🙂 Hope you also like what you hear. Have a wonderful day <3