Twiin Lake – Wild Animals (2020)

Hey guys! How you all doing? I hope everything is perfect 😉 Traditionally, I am here to bring some fresh and beautiful music for you. Saturday is almost always a pretty relaxed and calm day, so I will try not to break it with the music.

Today here is Twiin Lake — the musical and visual project of Asher Moss and Jason Morant, with the song “Wild Animals”. Musically it’s something like a mix of indie rock, alternative rock, and a few psychedelic and post-rock shades. Even though the track has some kind of an “epic” atmosphere, it’s still incredibly calm in my opinion. The peak of the composition is the end of the second chorus and transition to the guitar solo part (which is pretty logical).

The sound of the track is not that clean and crystal (as dictated by musical trends). It’s kinda blurry. To be honest I like this kind of sound a lot. It reminds me of alternative rock music of MTV ’90s. One more wonderful thing to notice is a vocal manner. Seems like the singer is incredibly lazy…I mean, not in the bad meaning for sure 🙂 I talk about the manner of singing. Every word is stretched in time and the melody flows like a river’s water. Long story short — the song is beautiful. Enjoy <3