Lyhre – sad cyborg (2020)

Hi there! Some time ago I’ve opened for myself Lyhre, and I am her fan since that time. Honestly, if you’ve heard her music once, you’ll never forget it! Those minimalistic and incredibly atmospheric arrangements…that amazing vocal manner (it’s pretty hard to recognize lyrics, but sounds wonderful). So, today I have the honor to represent to you her fresh song entitled “Sad Cyborg”. Let’s check it!

What we can hear? First of all — the recognizable style. As I said before, you will never confuse Lyhre with any other artists. This certain song is pretty soft. It has no drums or dynamic splashes. The song keeps its dynamic level from the first to the last note. I believe, this music is definitely for thoughts and feelings. Probably, that’s not for the mass market as well. It’s kinda secret weapon in struggling with mood waves.

Here is are a few words by Lyhre herself about this track: “The hybrid sad cyborg questions whether words and thus language can be the adequate expression of all realities. An rebellious mindset against collective norms and the anthropocentric self-conception becomes a kind of dark hymn of the outsiders as a surface for reflection.”

As usual, this song will go to my “favorites” playlist. Because music like this shouldn’t be forgotten. I hope, someday they become stars, and I’ll be able to say: “I know this girl! Her music was on my blog and channel far before it becomes mainstream” 🙂 Anyways, enjoy this amazing musical piece and have a nice day <3

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