Goodboy// – Something for my Head (2020)

Hey guys! I am always open-minded for fresh music (at least I think so about myself). And what I love the most is when the music is new but has some particles of something familiar to me. It makes me happy like I am a kid 🙂 Let’s check out today’s song, which is perfectly fit for my description of what I like in music.

Some time ago I’ve posted the track called “Time To Make A Mess” by Goodboy//, check it out btw. That one also sounds original but has some shades and echoes of something I’ve already know. Today I want to share with you one more song by Goodboy// — “Something For My Head”. The song is pretty similar to the previous one in my opinion (even the key and the tempo of the track are the same). If the previous one reminds e of Filter’s “Word Today”, then this one has some slightly Radiohead-ish vibes, while still keeping the originality of the Goodboy’s music.

In any case, both songs are just wonderful in my opinion. I’ve always been a “monotone music” fan 🙂 It doesn’t mean that the song is bad from any perspective. It’s more like a compliment from me. For sure, it’s all only my subjective opinion. But I am sure that I have enough experience to say something about music and lay claim to objectivity. Enjoy the music and have a nice day <3