Fellwalker – The End Times (2020)

Hello, music lovers 🙂 As you all, probably, know — I can’t stand piano-based music. I mean, when the piano is the main instrument in the arrangement. But this song is a big exclusion out of rules! Let’s check it together!

Here is Fellwalker — indie / alternative music project from Philadelphia, US, and their fresh song “The End Times”. The minimalistic arrangement, incredibly beautiful vocal, and the lyrics are so tightly working together! It’s just wonderful! I am literally drowning in the story they narrate. Really, I can close my eyes and imagine every picture from the song in my head. I just can’t describe this feeling. You need to feel it by yourself to understand what I mean.

I can hear shades of Radiohead and Massive Attack in the arrangement. The vocal manner at some points a bit reminds me of Billie Holiday style. But it’s definitely a distinctive work of art. I am in love with this song <3 Enjoy the music.