Sleepy Gonzales – aliens exist (2020)

Hi there! Autumn time is always blurry in some way. I can’t even explain it. But all these foggy nights, rainy days…makes me feel kinda blurry. I mean, all thoughts in my head and all my daily routine become strange. I am just living in a blurred world if you want 🙂

Today I’d like to represent to you a perfect soundtrack for my autumn mood. Here is Sleepy Gonzales — shoegaze music band from Vancouver, Canada, and their fresh song “aliens exist”. To be honest, the track makes even much more slowly than the autumn itself. The atmosphere of the song perfectly fits my current vibe. Vocals are literally drowned in the noisy / lo-fi mix. But this is not that kind of noise when you wanting to turn off the sound. This “noise” is pretty pleasant to my ears and heart.

You know what? Everybody can put a ton of money and record a perfect mainstream sounding track… But try to record good sounding bad sounding track 😉 That’s a challenge. I totally love this song, and definitely will keep eye on the next releases of the band. Wish you a perfect day. Peace <3