Reyn Hartley – Bow (2020)

Good morning, friends! Does anybody remember such name as Reyn Hartley, and tracks as “Snitch”, “Italy”, and “Energy”? Damn, what the fu*k? For sure you do! Well, in my opinion, this guy is one of the most stylish and interesting fresh-blood rappers. His tracks are hits. To prove my words I can advise to check out previously noticed songs 😉

Today I am happy to represent to you his freshest track entitled “Bow”! This is a fu*king bomb! Just check out this minimalistic beat with some smarmy jazzy/bluesy shades. It’s wonderful, isn’t it? His voice is traditionally low and relaxed. The track overall has the atmosphere of an old-school movie about the mafia. Reyn seems like a mafia boss in this musical story. He just sitting on his throne and giving his commands to his squad.

Okay, okay… Probably, I’ve get too deep into the metaphors and my vision of the track in my imagination. I hope you understand that my only advise to you at this point is to click play ad enjoy this masterpiece! Have a perfect day <3

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