OMINA – Matter (2020)

Hi, folks! Sundays are always lazy… Today is not an exception. So, music should fit my vibe, so, here is OMINA — shoegaze / post-rock music band from Frankfurt, Germany, and their song “Matter” from the album “Far From Here”, released September 25, 2020. Let’s check it!

The tempo and harmony showing us the overall mood of the track from the very first seconds of the song. Even when “heavy” guitars coming in, it’s still not too heavy, and keeping a calm vibe. In my opinion, it’s kinda mix of slowcore, post-rock, shoegaze, and ambient music in one track (which is pretty nice and perfectly fit my taste, to be honest).

If you like this song, then I strongly recommend you to check out their Bandcamp page (following link below). There are two more beautiful songs. Thanks for being here. Peace <3