Lemonship – BC33 (2020)

Good morning. Sometimes my brain wants something…spicy. I mean, spicy in musical meaning. Today is one of those days. I just feel that I need to post something special today. Let’s check it 😉

Here is Lemonshipexperimental / jazz music trio from Portland, Oregon, and their track “BC33”. You may ask me: “where is the music?”. Well, I will give the answer immediately: “just open your mind and listen”. To be honest, I am not an expert of jazz music (especially experimental jazz). Though I am a professional musician, I barely can find connections in all these rhythms, melodies, and harmonies in this track. BUT! When I caught it, all sounds start interacts and working together.

Something in this composition touched my heart and inner vibe. I can’t even recognize what it was. I suppose, this kind of music is not for regular listening. You can’t just get to work and turn on this stuff on background. The listener should percept music in two different planes: vertical (harmony), and horizontal (melody). Usually these two planes are merged (I mean modern pop music). But in this case, hemispheres of the brain should work separately…it’s kinda polyrhythm for the brain if you want. I’d like to hear it live.

Long story short — this is pretty interesting and exciting experience. I hope, some of you also caught the vibe and enjoyed this wonderful music. Have a great week <3