I Shiver – T S O Y<3 W I B (2020)

Hi, folks! A year ago I’ve discovered a very interesting acoustic / folk music artist from GermanyI Shiver. And today I am happy to represent to you his new song entitled “T S O Y<3 W I B".

The name of the song looks pretty strange, but it doesn’t mean that the track itself is also strange. The song sounds like a clean and pleasant folk song. I mean, you know, in the modern music world everybody trying to hide from the listened behind the wall of cool sound effects, synths, autotune, and many more things. But it’s not about “I Shiver” 😉

His music is incredibly transparent and light for perception. It’s like a soulful talk with your best friend. You both understand everything perfectly, even without words sometimes. Personally, I enjoying literally every second of this beautiful song. The voice, guitar sound, and atmosphere overall make me calm and relaxed. What more can I say? One more beautiful song for my collection. Peace <3

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