Ferdishenko – Bury It (2020)

Some people hate some seasons. Honestly, I don’t know why… I totally love every season. They all have their unique moods, especially when you have a soundtrack for them. Let’s check what I got for you today 🙂

Ferdishenko — indie / trip-hop music duo (Harry Wright and Oliver Crawford) from Auckland, New Zealand, and their fresh song “Bury It”. The song is incredibly atmospheric and pleasant to my ears. It’s kinda cocktail of genres and styles. For example, I hear the influence of Pink Floyd and Massive Attack.

Beautiful vocal and thoughtful arrangement. Especially I like that they don’t afraid to use simple chord progressions in their music (and it doesn’t mean that the music is primitive or something…definitely not). This is a perfect example of how to create amazing music without tricky add9/11/dim/Maj etc…chords. I am in love with this composition! Will definitely keep eye on their next releases. Enjoy the autumn <3