Angad Berar – Astroknaut (2020)

Hello! To be honest, I almost don’t know the Indian music scene at all. In my imagination, there is mostly Bollywood music, konnakol (btw, I like the polyrhythms in konnakol a lot), and a few metal bands. Anyways, it’s only my imagination 🙂 In the reality, there are a lot of musicians in various genres. And I am here to represent one of them to you.

Here is Angad Berar — psychedelic / indie music artist from New Delhi, India, and his composition “Astroknaut”. The track is pretty long and changing a few times during the time of playing. Starts from the almost ethnic intro part, which brings us into the atmosphere of the track. Slow monotone bassline with straight 4/4 drum pattern comes in after that. The guitar is in the role of synth…a lot of slider usage with reverb and delay adding some spicy psychedelic shades. A bit later, the drum pattern slightly changing, but that’s almost not affecting the overall atmosphere. The track just confidently going ahead no matter what. In the middle of the track, we have an ambient part. In the end, it’s going back to the previous part, but this time with a nice bluesy guitar solo.

I have no idea why I like this kind of music that much? Most of my friends prefer way more dynamic music with a lot of changes, and much shorter than 16 minutes 🙂 But I am in love with this stuff. It’s already on repeat in my speakers. Hope you dig it as I do. Peace <3