Mottron – Run (2020)

Hello, guys! Traditionally, today I am here to share fresh tune with you. Maybe it’s a bit weird that on my blog pretty different genres of music, but I just can’t go against my will. If I like a certain track, then I will post it…doesn’t matter if it’s ambient, blues, techno, or death metal. So, excuse me for that. Hope you will enjoy the music collected here. Let’s dive into the track I’ve prepared for today 🙂

Here is Mottron — indie music artist from Paris, France, and his song “Run”. To be honest, I don’t even want to call it “indie” music. Because this one is too thoughtful to be a regular “indie” music. I’d prefer to say it’s a “progressive indie” or even “art-indie”. I suppose, there are no such genres of music, but I will call it like this anyway.

The vocal manner is amazingly soft and pleasant to my ears. Instrumental work is also very strong in my opinion. It’s not just a few chords and a beat behind them. Here we can hear pretty interesting harmony (chord progression), perfect voice leading, flying instrumental soloing, and an amazing structure of the song. In some moments it reminds me of Jeff Buckley. Which is also only a “plus” for the song.

At the moment, I am really deep into it. I just can’t even stop to listen to it. It sounds like it has a few different songs inside of the one. Beautiful piece of music. Totally love it <3