Oceanis – The Universal Constant (2020)

Hey guys! As usual, excuse me for the gap in between the fresh music…but sometimes it happens. Anyways, I am here, and it means that the fresh stuff is here as well 😉 I want you all to feel that I am back, so I will start with pretty heavy stuff from Liverpool, UK. Here is the band Oceanis with the track ” The Universal Constant”.

First of all, here is mixed a few genres, such as death metal, groove metal, black metal, technical death, and I even feel the shades of Meshugga’s style (especially in the vocal style and sometimes in riffs). The song is incredibly heavy from one side and melodic from the other. I like the structure of the song, which is pretty interesting to listen to.

Really strong and technically perfect metal song. I am happy to hear stuff like this from my speakers. Hope you will dig it as well. Have a good day!