Defamed – In Tenebris (2020)

Good morning, my friends! If you think that we will start the weekend and August with some downtempo / easy listening music, then you’re totally wrong! It’s gonna blow your mind!

Defameddeathcore / progressive metal band from Milan, Italy. Today here is their song “In Tenebris”. First of all, this is unbelievably heavy! You can believe me because I am a big fan of metal stuff, and also playing the metal in my band…so, I know what does “heavy” means. Also, if you like what you hear at the moment, then I strongly recommend to check out my “fuc*king heavy” Spotify playlist. There is a bunch of incredible heavy songs!

I can’t say that this track is pure deathcore. I hear a lot of other influences in there, such as black metal, death metal, djent, and more. But it doesn’t matter at all, just because together it’s working perfectly as one massive machine, and literally smashing everything on their path.

I don’t really want to talk about it a lot. Well, I’m gonna say something incredibly banal, but let the music speak itself 😉 Enjoy this metal heaviness!


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