Be.Holders – Weird Moves (2020)

Hey! What’s up? 🙂 Summer is slowly going to the end, but the music is never-ending…at least I think or believe so. Here I am with fresh wonderful music for your ears, hearts, and souls. Here is Be.Holders — indie / electronic music project from Russi, Italy, and the track “Weird Moves” from the album “Default”, which was released on April 30, 2020.

From the very first sounds, this track totally took my heart! It’s kinda mix of a bunch of styles such as trip-hop, synthwave, indie, electronic, and much more…I just can’t recognize what it is but it’s amazing though. I feel some light shades of Depeche Mode on this track. Probably, because of the atmosphere of the track. I just can’t stop to marvel how amazing is this song!

Every little piece of this track is perfectly balanced with others. Arrangement, vocal manner, and the mood of the song are in perfect symbiosis. I think this music was born in musical heaven. Otherwise, I have no explanation of how the music may be so beautiful. Enjoy <3