Jolé – Alpine Green (2020)

Hello, my friends 🙂 You know, I am listening to a lot of different music every day. From ambient and experimental to grindcore and death metal. But sometimes I just feel that I want to hear something easy and calm, maybe a bit melancholic. And today here is one of those songs, which comfort me when I feeling that way.

Here is Jolé — folk music artist from London, UK, and his song “Alpine Green”. Musically it’s simple but still deep and atmospheric. Sometimes I regret some of my actings, but there’s a person to think about in my hard times, and those feeling are perfectly and carefully described in this beautiful song.

I am in love with this wonderful composition. The vocal is so gentle and genuine. It’s definitely going from his heart thru the soul and becomes a sound that touching other hearts. Have a nice day <3