Pávva – Ševnjut (2020)

Good morning, world 🙂 Yesterday in the evening I prepared this post and I am still pretty excited about this track! It’s because I rarely getting such original music. Maybe, for some people it’s gonna be regular stuff…but for me, this is the opening of the month (at least month). So, let’s move ahead!

For your attention, here is Pávva — join / folk / blues music artist from Sweden, and his fresh song “Ševnjut”. Well, both words are like a language of aliens to me, but it’s not a problem 🙂 At this point, he has only two tracks on Spotify, but they’re both very beautiful in my opinion (especially this one).

As the author says: “So what you hear on this track is called Joik, which is the traditional singing style of the Sami people.” For the first time in my life, I hear the style “joik”. And, to be honest, I love it! Besides joik, I also hear in this music folk and blues music mixed. The atmosphere reminds me of the band Tinariwen.

The track is so deep and atmospheric! I can’t even describe it using words. I can listen to it over and over again…it’s pure musical magic! I am definitely one of the first fans of this artist and will wait for new releases <3 Have a wonderful Sunday, my friends!