Gravity Circus – Shuteye (2020)

Hello, guys! Finally, Summer came to my city. I am pretty happy about it 🙂 And, as usual, here is some fresh good music for your ears. Gravity Circus — alternative / indie music project from Almere, Netherlands. Today I want to share with you the song “Shuteye”.

The song took the best things from alternative and indie music. This mix makes my head move back and forth. The voice is wonderful! I really dig the timbre and manner. Honestly, I am stuck. As usual, it’s pretty hard for me to say anything about good music… You know, when it’s good, that’s the point.

The track starts from acoustic guitar and voice. Like it was recorded in the living room. And my first thought was — hmm, it’s kinda folk song…but then drums and other instruments came out and the song blossom with all its colors and shades. I just want to repeat one more time — an amazing song! Have a good day <3