Flattery – Personalism (2020)

Hello 🙂 As usual, here I am with the portion of fresh and interesting music for you! Click “play” and let’s check it together! Here is Flattery — dreampop music project from Philadelphia, United States, with the song “Personalism”.

Atmospheric, calm, and incredibly light song with beautiful voice and airy arrangement. I don’t know why, but when I am closing my eyes, I see a big space filled with bright light, maybe even with some kind of fog. But there is no sadness, pain, or other unpleasant things. There is only this song. And every tiny drop of water in the air resonate with the soundwaves. It’s kinda music video in my head… I am slowly moving thru that space and at the end of the song, I see the singing girl. Honestly, pretty interesting experience made by my imagination.

I have one personal playlist called “lazy”. This song will definitely go there and will take a good place in between artists like Dakota Suite, Low, Cigarettes After Sex, etc. I wish you all the perfect day. Peace <3