The Malibu BeachBand – Rise Up To Pray For The Dawn (2020)

Good morning 🙂 New week – new plans, new music!
I already posted this band some time ago. You can check the link below. And today one more song by this collective. Let’s go!

Like the previous one, this song is also amazingly pleasant for my ears and brain. Nothing difficult, but everything is balanced and in its right place. The composition has nice psychedelic rock and folk influences.

I think it’s gonna be the perfect music for long trips by car. I literally Imagine that gray skies, but no rain and wind. I am driving, and the fields changing forest, but I don’t feel the speed. It’s like I am sliding on a perfectly smooth surface of clean water, and nothing can change it. Btw, it’s a little bit reminds me of Ray Lamontagne’s music from the album Ouroboros. I mean the atmosphere of the music.

One more beautiful song for my collection. Wish you all a perfect week. Peace <3

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