Stephen – I Never Stay in Love (2020)

Good evening 🙂
This post is special to me. Because the music of this artist was with me in my bad times and it was some kind of lifebuoy for me. It was a long time ago… I suppose in 2015. My heart still shudders when I hear the sounds of the song “Crossfire”. I think you all know that song. If not, just search “Stephen – Crossfire” and believe me, you will be impressed.

Stephen – indie electronic music artist from Silver Lake, CA, United States.
Today here is his fresh song entitled “I Never Stay In Love”.

First of all, the song hooking you from the very first seconds and holding until the very end. His voice is so emotional! Seeps right into the heart. The arrangement of the track sounds very interesting and unusual for me. Each sound standing exactly in the right place and the right time. It’s a really impressive song!

Finally, the lyrics. The sense of this story is pretty close to my heart and my own feelings. But when the lyrics merging with the music and vocal it becomes a masterpiece. I think this song will not leave you indifferent in any case. What more can I say? Actually, nothing. Just click “play” and enjoy it. Peace <3