Simen Mitlid – Birds (2020)

Good evening 🙂
I am, as an old metalhead, usually listening to the pretty heavy music. But sometimes even I need some rest and then from my speakers may start to play anything else…today it’s acoustic / folk music.

Here is Simen Mitlid — acoustic / folk music artist from Oslo, Norway, and his fresh song entitled “Birds”. Btw, I’ve already posted his music on the blog before, so check out the links below.

There’s nothing to say about the style. It’s just good folk music. I suppose it’s fully enough to describe this song from the style perspective. Musically it’s pretty calm, soft, and pleasant. The voice floating on the waves of acoustic guitar and a few additional background instruments.

Though this certain song is about black metal, but, overall, it’s neutral for me. No, I don’t mean that the music is not hooking. It’s just emotionally neutral. When you are tired of everything around, then you just need to clear your head. Simen’s music is exactly for this purpose in my opinion. You can turn it on, lay on the floor, and forget about everything for some time. kinda brain reboot 🙂
Enjoy your evening <3

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