Paul Babe – Lasso (2020)

Good morning!
Saturday is always a time to relax in my opinion. So, I have something, pretty relaxing, for you today 🙂 Let’s check it together!

Here is the debut single “Lasso” by Paul Babe — indie / neo-soul music artist from Brooklyn, United States.

As I already said, the track is incredibly calm. I can compare it to the little boat, slowly floating on the still water in the pond in the middle of the forest in a sunny day.

Voice is amazing! The arrangement is pretty minimalistic, but at the same time is sounds full. I mean, when I am listening to it, I don’t want to add or remove something from the mix. It’s just perfectly balanced.

The melody is simple from first sight, but if you will check it closely, you will found a lot of small nuances, which makes it very interesting to listen to. The same thing with the arrangement actually… Really beautiful song.

I wish you all a great weekend.
Peace <3