My Guys – Sunny Boy (2020)

Hi, guys!
Sometimes I have kinda “mixed” mood. You know, just want to listen to the indie music and hip-hop at the same time… Pretty strange wanting, but today I’ve got the track which fit both styles. Let’s check it 🙂

Here is My Guys — hip-hop music project from Boston, United States, and the track “Sunny Boy”. The song starts with a gentle voice and an indie-pop tasted part of the music. After that, it’s incredibly naturally transforming into the pretty nice hip-hop verse.

I don’t know how about you, but for me, this track is an opening of the (at least) month. I’m in love with both parts of the song. It’s playing on repeat from my speakers and I don’t want to turn it off at all…

Sure thing, I’ve also listened to the whole album and it’s also a strong job! It’s mostly hip-hop stuff. Only a few songs have a similar mix of indie music. But in any case, I really like the approach to the music of these guys. It’s not just regular new-school hip-hop music. I hear actual music in their music. Yep, sounds weird, but that’s the point 🙂

I strongly recommend checking this album out following the link below. Have a nice day <3