Monte Del Monte – New Love (2020)

Hi there!
Since this is Sunday, I decided to share some pretty “light” music with you. And here is Monte Del Monte – indie electronic music artist from San Francisco, United States, and his song “New Love”.

First of all, in this song is a very pleasant voice. It has some delicate shades of an old-school soul/jazz music. Timbre is also amazing, soft, and peaceful. The arrangement sounds like a summer song. Though the artist says: “Its style and tone is very dark in contrast to the light-hearted, happy vibes Monte Del Monte is usually known for.”, it’s still very light as for me (comparing to the other music on Faeton Music).

In any case, this song is here right now and it means that you have only two choices — listen to it, or close the browser tab 🙂 For sure, I hope that you will choose the first option of these two. By the way, if you like the song, follow the artist on Spotify and other services…we all should be supportive to musicians!

I hope you all have a wonderful day, even with all these quarantine things… Enjoy your day and this beautiful song. Peace <3