Lorcán – Falling In

Good evening, my friends.
I am not sure if it’s sad because of the music, or the music because of the sadness…in any case, I’d like to share this wonderful music with you. Here is Lorcán — indie / slowcore music artist from Bristol, UK, and his song “Falling In”.

I’ve heard a lot of similar music, but it mostly sounds unnatural. You know, synthetic and with no emotions inside. Too clean, too perfect if you want. But this song I like the most exactly because of its imperfect. And this imperfection makes it natural and emotional. It’s kinda the soul of the song.

For sure, the song is well performed and everything sounds good to me. I have already listened to it around 15 times in a row, and honestly, I don’t want to stop. Probably, it’s just perfectly fit my current mood. Enjoy <3