Loden – We Left The Colony, Sans Regret (2020)

Hello folks!
Without any long lyrical introduction. Let’s jump right into it!
Here is Loden — electronic music producer from Brussels, Belgium, and the track “We Left The Colony, Sans Regret”.

First of all, the track sounds pretty original and unusual for me. I’ve heard a lot of trip-hop in my life, but this definitely has some kind of magic. It’s noisy and distorted, but at the same time sounds soft and pleasant to my ears. If we will talk about other compositions from the album, they’re pretty close to instrumental hip-hop in my opinion. There’s a lot of ethnic shades in the music. Actually, I like the whole thing. You can check it on Spotify or Bandcamp following links below.

I don’t even know why (excuse me Loden, if it will offend you in any way), but the track’s atmosphere is like a mix of the Korn’s hip-hop song from the “Follow The Leader” era, and a kazoo solo (instead of JD’s bagpipe). In any case, I really dig the track and the mood it makes. My conclusion about this track and the album in general — it’s very strong work with its unique atmosphere and sound.
Enjoy <3