Jhyve – Better (2020)

I feel the spring is finally coming. Swallows screaming behind my window. This is an amazing feeling! A bunch of good memories in my head right now…

Here is Jhyve – neo-soul / r&b music artist from Toronto, Canada, and his fresh song “Better”.

Usually, songs of r&b style are too “pop” as for me. But this time it’s an exception. I don’t know what exactly, but something in this song hooked me a lot. Maybe it’s the vocal manner or melody, or maybe arrangement. in any case, the song is wonderful!

Btw, I strongly recommend you all to check other songs by Jhyve on his Spotify or Soundcloud following links below. There’s a lot more amazing songs! Trust me.

The atmosphere of the song makes me feel very peaceful. If I close my eyes, I can imagine a picture, where the couple floating on the yacht in the rays of the beautiful sunset. The ocean is calm, warm air embracing them and nothing can’t break their vibe at his moment.
Enjoy your day <3