Isaac Jensen – Feelings (2020)

Hello again 🙂
We started this day from the acoustic / folk music and will finish it with the same mood. Let’s check this song together. Here is Isaac Jensen – folk music artist from Melbourne, Australia, and his song entitled “Feelings”.

From the first sight, you may think – nothing special, just one more folk song. But just try to listen to his voice closer and to notice all the shades of emotions in his timbre. The arrangement is exactly what it should be in this kind of music. Just a gentle reverbed acoustic guitar part and a little bit of background pad. I think this song may be singed even without instruments and it still will be full of emotions, because surely, voice is the most important part of it (obviously). In any case, this song is perfect just as it is. It’s hooking hearts (which is the main task for music in general).

As for me, songs like this one always sound very personally and soulfully. They have some special mood. I can’t even describe it. You just need to feel it by yourself. So, I will leave you alone with the song. Enjoy <3