Hēran Soun – When You Wanted (2020)

Hello, guys! How is y’all weekend going? 🙂
For instance, I am pretty happy to hear fresh stuff by Heran Soun. Btw, you can check previously posted tracks following links below. Let’s move on!

Today here is the song entitled “When You Wanted”. As author says: “When You Wanted depicts the crisis of unequal love, being stuck in and mentally escaping from an apartment while trying to navigate an unbalanced relationship (which seems very apt right now).” Also, the track has a beautiful video, directed by Student Academy Award Winner Ariel Heller, which is strongly recommended to watch.

The song is incredibly gentle and even fragile if you want. Arrangement built around highly reverbed piano sound (if I recognized the instrument right). For sure, his voice is the main “hero” in this story, but the background it appearing on is also very important for the story.

All these little details in music (such as some noisy sound in right channel at 02:05, or some kind of percussive sound, like somebody scratching a ride cymbal with something in the second chorus section), every detail makes this song unique. I am really satisfied to listen to so thoughtful music. Not just a straight 4/4 beat with house bass on top of it…but really musical composition with its character, atmosphere, and mood. I hope you enjoying it as much as I do. Have a wonderful day <3

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