Great Wave – Friend Of The Season (2020)

Good morning 🙂
A new week only started, but I am already totally relaxed… I feel the steps of the summer and I am pretty happy about it! And today’s song is helping me to stay away from the outer worlds and its routine.

Here is “Great Wave” – lo-fi rock / psychedelic music band from Scranton, Pennsylvania, United States, and their fresh song entitled “Friend Of The Season”.

From the first seconds of the composition, I figured out that it’s gonna be something pretty unusual in a musical way. And I was right! This song is a mix of a lot of sounds with a lot of effects (reverb, delays etc). For the people, who like to listen to some “pop” stuff, with clear sounds and brilliant sounding vocals with tons of autotune on top of it, this song will be kinda sun for the vampire. But for the other category of people, who prefer to hear some underground and raw stuff, it’s gonna be a balm for the soul.

I’ve listened to other their tracks on Spotify, and I really dig it! If you like this song, then you definitely should follow the band on Spotify and listen to other music (at this point there’s only 4 tracks, but tey’re all pretty nice).
Enjoy your day <3