Emika – Sleep In The Day (2020)

Hi again, folks!
My brain is pretty weird thing, in the morning, or during the day I want to listen to some progressive death metal for example. Fast, heavy, technically difficult, with unregular time signatures, tempo changes, etc. But then evening comes out and I am turning on some ambient music. Without rhythms, no exact tempo, and with a few sounds in a whole composition. And it’s making me happy at the moment. I don’t know how, but these two guys are living in me 🙂

Here is Emika – electronic / neo-classical music producer from Berlin, Germany, and her fresh track “Sleep In The Day”.

This track is a perfect soundtrack for my evening today. Her gentle voice on top of that continuous drone tone + a bit of piano…this is so tasty for my ears! To be honest, I don’t know what more can I say. If you want to read a bio, ten check this link. I just wanted to shre with you this incredible track. Have a perfect evening <3