Bronze Whale – Hold. Wait. Fall. (2020)

Hi there!
Music – is a thing where we MUST go against rules sometimes 🙂 SInce I don’t like autotuned vocals in music, I am usually not posting music with autotunage. Today’s track is one of those exceptions, when autotune used so gently and thoughtful, so I want it to be here.

These guys already were guests on Faeton Music Blog (check the link below). Today here is one more song by Bronze Whale – “Hold. Wait. Fall.”

Voice – amazing. Arrangement and production – wonderful. Melody – incredibly pleasant. Atmosphere – calm and a bit sad. This is a short description of this song. Honestly, I don’t even know what more can I say? It’s definitely one more song worth to be in my collection and I hope you all will also like it enough to put it into your daily playlists.
Enjoy the music <3

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