Belle Sonder – How Do You Get Out (Of Your Head) (2020)

Good morning, my friends 🙂
Yesterday was a little pause in the music flow, but today I am here again with fresh stuff for your ears. Let’s go!

Here is Belle Sonder — alternative / post-rock music project from Manchester, United Kingdom, and their fresh song “How Do You Get Out (Of Your Head)”. It’s a very atmospheric and calm composition. The vocal part is almost improvisation. It sounds like a free flow of the mind of the vocalist. I really like the way it builds up. It starts from the light guitar part and then other instruments coming in and opening the whole harmony and musical layers.

I feel some kind of freedom inside of my head while listening to this song. It’s like a fresh breath. Even with my terrible English level, I can feel the atmosphere of this song just intuitive. It resonates with some valuable parts of my soul. Actually, you don’t even need to understand the lyrics. you will feel it in any case.

As authors say: “How Do You Get Out… studies the cyclical internal thought that so many of us are experiencing whilst isolated from physical contact.” This kind of thought is pretty important at this point in our lives in my opinion. Enjoy your weekend <3

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