Tristan Gregory Smith – The Twin (2020)

Hello 😉
Here is Tristan Gregory Smith (indie / electronic music artist from Bellingham, United States), and his fresh song “The Twin”. I already posted his music last year, you can check it following the link below the post.

The song is very calm and soft. I like the atmosphere and that light melody. As usual, it’s pretty hard to talk about good music… It’s just good and nothing more to say. You know, when the song has some flaws, then you easily can discuss about them. But when the song is perfect, then you only can rely on your feelings.

In this track, I feel summer for some reason. I’d like to be somewhere outside the city now…but I can’t (we’re all on quarantine now). So, I will listen to this song and dream about warm summer. Enjoy 🙂

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