Tristan de Liège – Horizons (feat. Cameo Adele) (2020)

Hi there!
How you are guys doing? Hope everything is perfect 🙂 Sometimes I am dreaming, and those dreams are about the place, where I can be free! Without pain, troubles, and any negative feelings. And you know what? I think I found the ticket to that place…

Today here is Tristan de Liège – electronic music artist from Los Angeles, United States, and the track “Horizons” featuring Cameo Adele.

First of all, the music sounds like it has no mood. I mean, it’s not sad, fun, or anything else. That’s so neutral and chill that I am starting to forget about everything during listening to it. I really dig the harmony of this track. Also, the vocal and arrangement are amazing! I can listen to tracks like this over and over again, just to note all details. There’s a lot of little things, which are not “visible” from the first sight, but if you keep your attention to them, then you will see, how the small things merging in one outstanding composition.
Enjoy this wonderful track <3